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The fundamentals of C++ programming for newbies & dummies



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Bibliographic Note:

Title: The fundamentals of C++ programming for newbies and dummies

author 1 : Artur J. Gmerek

author 2: Damian Pakulski

Publication Date: January 30, 2017

Edition: 1

ISBN: 978-83-947327-0-7

Imprint: Scientific Lodz

Place of Publication: Łódź, Poland

Copyright © Artur J. Gmerek and D. Pakulski


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Short description of the book:

This book explains the basic things related to programming in C++ language. It is written in a very simple way without any programming or scientific slogan. Therefore, it is designated for people who do not have any experience in coding. Only the most basic instructions are explained, so it is a good start for new users. The book shows step-by-step how to make working applications in C++, and it comes with many examples that were created in free environments – Dev C++ and Microsoft Visual Express. Remember, learning via examples is the best practice in learning how to code!
The book raises only the most basic aspects of programming in C++, but after completing it, the study of more complex academic books will be simpler. Due to its simple character, some things were omitted, and other were simplified, so some programmers might not agree with the presented coding philosophy. However, the introduced concepts were tested on students and were proved to be one of the best.
Learning from a book is more efficient than from the Internet where it is often chaos- advanced ideas are mixed with simple one and often examples are not working. In this book, everything is arranged as it should be and all examples work perfectly.